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802.11 Penetration TestingComing Soon!

This course offers an in-depth byte level look at 802.11 network traffic. The students will explore how to use all of the standard 802.11 penetration testing and analysis tools, as well as how to use libpcap and net::pcap to create thier very own.

What's Included

  • The Course - in the form of a privately developed wiki - contains the following:
    • Course exercises. All exercises linked to the Main Page of the wiki for easy access.
    • Highlighted and linked important terms.
    • Syntax/Terminal highlighting and all code examples copyable to the clipboard, without the line numbers.
    • Roulette Fashion testing and learning - Use a random page link to test what you have learned.
  • Instructional videos - (NaN) to watch hands on experience.
  • Several Sets of Flash Cards for studying
  • Screen shots and images - to help visualize the knowledge.
  • Access to the course-specific Linux ISO developed and tested for VM environments, such as Oracle's VirtualBox.
  • Help! - Got any questions or having any trouble? Email me personally, I will do my best to resolve them as quickly as possible
Image of Flash Cards Screenshot of private Video from NASM/Assembly Course

Some Included Course Topics

  • 802.11 Network Analysis
    • 802.11 Protocol Analyzers
    • 802.11/ISM Spectrum Analysis
  • Cracking Encryption Keys
    • WEP Cracking Methods
    • WPA Cracking Methods
    • WPA2 Cracking Methods
    • WPA2 Enterprise Cracking Methods

Course Requirements

The requirements for this course are outlined in the list below. These will be used throughout the course, but can be substituted in some cases with similar software that you are already proficient with.
  • Modern Web browser - Google Chrome and Firefox recommended for viewing course materials.
  • A printer - to print the flash cards (optional but recommended)
  • Dedicated installation of Linux, or virtual machine software, such as Oracle's VirtualBox.
  • Wireless Adapter capable of injection 802.11 frames into a network (ALFA 1W, or anything with Atheros chipsets recommended).
  • Linux - Weakerthan Linux 6 - this Debian-based live DVD ISO has all of the prerequisite software installed and can be installed to a disk easily.
  • Some understanding of simple programming concepts, such as logical constructs, loops, and experience with higher level language syntax, such as Python, C, or Java is recommended but not required.


The registration fee for 802.11 Penetration Testing is $25.00USD. This is a six-month subscription in which you may access all course content for a total of six months on our servers. An HTML5 compatible browser is required to properly view the course material.

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