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Disclaimer and Information
WeakNet Labs (Douglas Berdeaux) provides each course for a registration fee, per course. There is no base registration fee that includes all courses. Each course has it's own monetary value, which is the value of the login for the corresponding private wiki. You are not paying for the course materials. You are paying for the login credentials that are valid for six months of access and support from Douglas Berdeaux via email, [email protected] (response times may vary). Please do not share your login information with anyone, or share direct links to any of the media. WeakNet Labs (Douglas Berdeaux) reserves the right to cancel your subscription at any time for any reason.

In the event of a server compromise, defacement, or deinal of service attack, WeakNet Labs (Douglas Berdeaux) will take measures to restore the service to a new, private host temporarily until the bug or compromise has been resolved. In the event that a fatal or debilitating affliction or accident to WeakNet Labs (Douglas Berdeaux), the service will no longer be available any longer than 30 days (rent at remote host that serves these courses) and no refund will be issued to any of the students. WeakNet Labs (Douglas Berdeaux) is not responsible for loss of service due to connectivity problems between the student and the course materials but will respond to submitted issues via email ([email protected]) to possibly assist in troubleshooting. This course is hosted in the United States of America and connection testing should be done by anyone outside of the United States of America before paying any registration fees. To test access to a course, please click here.

Security and Privacy
WeakNet Labs (Douglas Berdeaux) will not, under any cirumstances, store your personal information except for your email address, which only becomes a contact in my Google account, and your login name to the course material. You will not be given the requirement to choose a password for the course work, but you have the option to change the password given to you (not recommended). This is to protect your account, and us, from fraudulent use and password re-use attacks on your other personal accounts in the event that these credentials are compromised by an attacker.

WeakNet Labs provides SSL (Secure Socket) connections to, not only the course materials, but all files and services for WeakNetLabs.org, WeakNetLabs.com, and 80211.Ninja. Please refrain from using plain-text (non HTTPS, non SSL) links while logging in, at least on public networks, and please check your browser URL bar before entering your login credentials - every time. Make sure that you are infact at WeakNetLabs.org, WeakNetLabs.com, or 80211.Ninja.

WeakNet Labs (Douglas Berdeaux) will provide as much tehcnical support as possible, but it is up to you, the student, to come prepared to the course material with all prerequisite technical/computer information, software and hardware. If you are ill prepared, the registration can be cancelled and a full refund will be returned to your PayPal account (within the first 24 hours of registration).

Thank You
Thank you for your interest in WeakNet Labs' WeakNet Academy service!